Why Hello Finch?

We’re often asked what’s the story behind our name… Why Hello Finch?

As the Founder and given my surname is “Bird” I always knew I wanted to take a spin around this for my brand name.  The early incarnation of Jbird Consulting, whilst retrospectively, not that exciting (!) worked well when I was launching my own strategic brand and marketing consultancy.  Roll forwards a few years, and as I, more and more, brought on fabulous independent partners to help me deliver great projects for clients, I wanted something that was more than just about me.

As a CMO for some of the UK’s largest retailers, one of the things I’d recognised was that in house marketing teams often called a pitch to get new ideas.  Agencies delighted to be invited would invest a lot of time and money in developing their pitch ready idea – in effect paying to pitch, giving away amazing creative insight and strategy to clients, for free…

It always sat poorly with me, it seemed totally unfair that agencies felt (and they still do) that they had to do this in order to win work.  Worse still, most pitch winning work, often never actually ends up being the creative idea that the client finally uses.

As a result, once an agency wins a piece of client work, they will do anything to retain it – both to recoup their original investment, alongside wanting to grow with the client.  The issue with the latter is often agencies provide services that are not their core specialism – the last thing you want as an agency is to give work away – so white labelling other agencies work becomes the norm.

I knew I wanted to create something which felt fairer to the agency world, and more useful to the client. I wanted independent agency talent to be championed, and I wanted clients to see there was a way of having “a one stop shop” but with an entirely different and transparent solution

Charles Darwin, during his voyage on the HMS Beagle in the 1830s, visited the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. He observed and collected specimens of various plant and animal species, including finches. 

Darwin noticed that the finches on different islands had distinct beak shapes and sizes, which seemed to correlate with the type of food available on each island. His observations of the Galapagos finches contributed significantly to his development of the theory of evolution by natural selection.

We loved this thought and applied to our thinking

We believe every client is unique and therefore deserves an equally unique agency. 

Based on an individual project brief and client need, we handpick the very best of independent talent and create an agency that is personalised to you.

Your one stop shop is Hello Finch, and through us we bring you, in an open and transparent way, the very best specialist independent talent that can deliver you world class results.  And a bit like Darwin’s finches, when the project environment changes, so does your Hello Finch agency. You’ll always have a Hello Finch that’s bespoke to you.

Darwin called it adaptive radiation. We call it Listening Intelligently.