Why design matters for Information Memoranda

Design plays a crucial role when creating an information memorandum (IM), also known as a business prospectus or offering memorandum. An IM is a document used to present key information about a business or investment opportunity to potential investors or stakeholders. More than often an IM is created in Powerpoint, to use the term design and PPT is somewhat of an oxymoron, ppt has its uses but it cannot be titled a design tool, hence why design agencies don’t use it (unless under extreme duress!)

We usually take the powerpoint produced by a client and put this through the lens of the brand that is being marketed to create a document that brings the brand to life and communicates critical information in a clear fashion. To further demonstrate the importance of the creative process, here’s why design matters in the context of an IM:

  1. 1. Visual appeal: An aesthetically pleasing design captures the attention of readers and creates a positive first impression. A well-designed IM with an attractive layout, appropriate use of colours, and visually engaging elements can make the document more appealing and encourage readers to engage with the content

  1. 2. Readability and comprehension: Effective design helps improve the readability and comprehension of the information presented in the IM. A clear and organized layout with proper typography, headings, and subheadings makes it easier for readers to navigate the document and locate specific information. Well-designed charts, graphs, and visual representations can help convey complex data or concepts more easily. Designing to a grid rather than cramming as much content as possible on the page helps the reader to follow the story more clearly

  1. 3. Brand representation: Design elements in an IM can reflect and reinforce the brand identity of the business or investment opportunity. Consistent use of brand colours, fonts, logos, and visual style helps create a cohesive and professional representation of the company, building trust and credibility with potential investors

  1. 4. Highlighting key points: Design can be utilized to emphasize and highlight the most important points in the IM. Strategic use of formatting, bullet points, callout boxes, and visual hierarchy draws attention to key information, such as financial data, unique selling propositions, competitive advantages, and growth projections

  1. 5. Storytelling and narrative: Design can enhance the storytelling aspect of an IM by visually supporting the narrative being presented. Engaging visuals, infographics, and illustrations can help illustrate the business’s journey, market opportunities, product/service offerings, and potential future growth, making the IM more engaging and memorable

  1. 6. Differentiation: A well-designed IM stands out from the competition and sets itself apart. By investing in professional and thoughtful design, a business can create a distinctive and memorable impression, which can help grab attention in a crowded market and leave a lasting impact on potential investors

In summary, design in an information memorandum is not just about aesthetics but also about improving readability, conveying information effectively, representing the brand, highlighting key points, supporting storytelling, and differentiating from competitors. A well-designed IM can significantly enhance the overall impact and effectiveness of the document in attracting and engaging potential investors or stakeholders.

Cor Blimey! have been designing IM’s for years, and have helped Hello Finch raise funds for early stage businesses in excess of £3m – we’ve gone from print to digital, but the principles remain the same, helping the reader and interpreting the brand remain crucial, along with lethal deadlines and long hours…..

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