Pluto Finance | Hello Finch x Corr Blimey!

The leading provider of smarter lending

Project Overview

When we think of financial services brands, insurances, banks, finance providers, we instinctively think “Blue” and that’s no surprise given the vast majority of these brands have blue logos! The colour blue is commonly associated with trust, reliability, and stability, which are qualities that financial services brands strive to convey.

When Pluto Finance contacted Hello Finch, they were clear, they wanted to stand apart from the crowd.

And we were only too happy to help.

Alongside our creative partner, Corr Blimey! Hello Finch started where we always start – by Listening Intelligently.

We co-created a brand workshop with their senior team, got under the skin of their brand ethos and helped them develop a differentiated proposition.

Pluto Finance likes to be firm but fair in its approach to the deals it makes, and with a 10 year track record, we believe they’ve chosen a new identity that will serve them well for the next decade and beyond.

Visit their new website here.

Working with Corr Blimey! on brand strategy and creative design, Hello Finch developed a compelling new brand identity which allows Pluto Finance to stand apart in a sea of blue. Developing a core brand essence of “Smarter Lending” we wanted to give them an identity and visual tone of voice that would allow their new website to sing.

We recommended a green colour-way because of its associations to feelings of freshness, vibrancy, and vitality; evoking a sense of energy and rejuvenation – exactly the spirit in which Pluto Finance wanted to be seen.

A smart new logo works well digitally across their social channels. We’re proud that they’ve chosen a new look that supports their cool, if a little quirky personality. This is one finance brand we could fall in love with.