Pinter | Hello Finch x Studio Blackburn

Pioneers of fresh beer

The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Company (Pinter) was created by a successful young entrepreneur Ralph Broadbent – he was a man on a mission… Ralph believes that ‘Fresh Beer’ is the best type of beer that you can drink.  What he established is that most people don’t drink it and especially at home!

Cans and bottles from the supermarket are by their nature long life products, and long life doesn’t equal fresh.  So Ralph with his business partner Alex came up with a solution – Pinter! was born.

Fresh Presses (created by the teams in house master brewer) are letterbox friendly meaning you don’t need to be at home to receive. Talk about a revolution… and eco friendly too – those lovely people at Pinter HQ have created something that will reduce your packaging consumption by 70% and your C02 by 50%. Now that’s Fresh Thinking!

The awards are growing for this dynamic young business and Time listed the business in it’s 100 Best Inventions of 2020 – if you haven’t tapped a pint from a Pinter, then you’re missing out!

Their growing collaboration with signature real ale breweries, launches in major retail outlets including the John Lewis Partnership alongside major retail outlets in the US, sees 2023 and beyond as a real game changer for the brand. You heard it here first.

Project Overview

Pinter! is a world first. A precision engineered piece of beautifully designed technology enabling anyone and everyone* to make 10 pints of the freshest of fresh beers at home. (*if you’re over 18 of course!)

Simply take the Pinter, add a hand crafted “Fresh Press”, fill with water and brew. Condition in the fridge, and in just a few days you’ll be enjoying unparalleled quality and affordably priced beer.

Hello Finch has worked with the Pinter team almost from the beginning. Studio Blackburn have led the brand design and we also support them across their brand thinking, commercial development and sit on their Board.