GainX | Hello Finch x Fall of Man

Executive Decision Intelligence

Project Overview

Hello Finch were engaged by the GainX Founder to help create a clear and consistent tone of voice, refresh their brand identity and website and create a visual language that challenged the concerns around big data and AI.

We started with their brand “Why” and developed a very clear brand promise:

“In the age of the network, GainX leads the way in future proofing executive decision making. We humanise AI – our software enables executives to be strategic and productive. GainX delivers a tectonic shift in organisational understanding and strategic decision making.”

A refreshed brand, a new look and feel and a visual language that engages – we believe that GainX is the acceptable face of AI, less ChatGPT and more internal conversation.

It’s not humanly possible to oversee all organisational interactions and exchanges, real or fake, anymore and so projects consistently fail costing huge amounts of time and money…

…GainX helps organisations use existing data to monitor and manage change with unprecedented accuracy through the triangulation of people, project and financial information using proprietary machine learning algorithms.

In their own words – GainX delivers Executive Decision Intelligence powered by AI. The enterprise platform enables c-suite leaders to create capacity, better manage risk, significantly reduce cost, and prioritise and accelerate corporate strategies without diluting ROI.

We say…

…GainX provides the most accurate real time window into behaviour – the lead indicator of true organisational health during times of change.