BatFast | Hello Finch x Corr Blimey! | Schmick

A revolution in multi-sports entertainment

Sport no longer has to be played by the old rules. It’s undergoing a massive social revolution, with 21st century entrepreneurs transcending the old norms and exciting a new generation of players. Sport can now be unrestricted entertainment available to all, underpinned by social inclusion and global reach.

Hello Finch is the retained agency for the award winning BatFast business. Working with Corr Blimey! and Schmick we’ve created a suite of assets to support this dynamic young companies growth, including new logo’s for the growing sub brands the business offers to a new dynamic website showcasing events, entertainment and training solutions. A supporting set of brand photography imagery allows the brand to pop.

During 2020, the business developed its Tennis and Baseball offerings and grew partnerships with Sixes who are rolling out the BatFast Cricket concept across the UK and America. In 2023, the team launched Lacrosse and showcased Tennis at the summer Wimbledon championships. The future for this young business is tremendously exciting and we’re thrilled to be on the journey with them!

BatFast stand proudly at the crossroads of sport and entertainment globally. But it nearly wasn’t so. The turmoil of 2020 forced a major overnight pivot to keep the business on-track. Armed with a new direction, new products and new partnerships, including Major League Baseball and Merlin Entertainment, BatFast’s mission to open-up sport is bigger and more ambitious than ever.

Project Overview

BatFast is an inclusive, global sports and entertainment business powered by world class technology. At the cutting edge of the democratisation of sport, BatFast is engaging and exciting everyone through unforgettable shared physical and digital experiences.

In 2015, Roon and Jigs crammed the B1 BatFast prototype into the boot of a Honda Civic.

Neither knew then, but this marked the start of a journey to five continents and counting. The tech built in the boxroom has now bowled millions of balls to tens of thousands of batters – from first timers to pros – across 12 different timezones.