Listening Intelligently #3 | Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.

One of the critical differences we take at Hello Finch when asked to pitch is to try not to give our ideas away for free. 

Our approach is always to take the client brief and respond strategically – we identify the ask, and then showcase how we’ve responded to each element for other clients, showcasing how we’ve developed work that has come to life in real life, not just in a pitch deck. 

Sometimes clients love the approach, and appreciate that we want to get to know them and their project before we present them with a meaningful campaign… we just don’t believe that from a single brief we can deliver a winning idea.

And given 99% of the creative work produced in an agency never sees the light of day, we believe our approach is the right one. 

We firmly feel that by showing an understanding of the client, presenting our true passion for their challenge and brand, we aren’t just turning up with gimmicks and a wafer thin idea.

If the client loves our energy then we hope they will buy into our approach and work with us to develop something amazing.

It’s fair to say though, we’ve lost pitches because of this approach. As we believe in listening intelligently, on balance we’ll take our chances. 

Hello Finch. Listening Intelligently.