Listening Intelligently… #1 | What does this mean?

Hello Finch. Listening Intelligently … but what does this actually mean?

Key to our approach is really trying to understand clients, not just feed them a cookie cutter response. Because we believe every client is different, we try and understand the challenge through the eyes of the client.

Take The Co-op – we looked at how they spent their advertising budget and recognised as impactful as their activity was, they simply couldn’t outspend their competitors.

A conversation with Mark Trinder at ITV led us into a conversation as to the changing regulations around product placement, and it became clear to both of us that the only supermarket that made sense for Coronation Street (other than the Cabin and Curly Watt’s shop of course) was The Co-op. Both are iconic Manchester based brands.

This tie up gave The Co-op effectively 365 days a year prime time tv coverage (6 days a week plus the omnibus) The advertising spend equivalent would have been eye watering, where as this tie up drove in programme brand awareness that made perfect sense for both parties.

Six years on, the relationship is still a great success, with own brand creations like Betty’s Hot Pot ready meals now part of the partnership.

That’s what we mean by listening intelligently.