Everyone deserves a ShinyMind

ShinyMind – A Global Force for Good

Everyone deserves a ShinyMind

Born out of proven science and life-changing results, ShinyMind is a unique mental health portal co-created in partnership with the UK’s most trusted brand, the NHS. Delivering a proactive and interactive mindset portal, which builds as a personal resource, ShinyMind reduces stress and anxiety, helping each of us feel happier whilst improving productivity and performance.

Highly successful in the NHS, the UK’s most trusted brand, Hello Finch is now supporting ShinyMind develop into Corporate markets.

ShinyMind was founded and led by Rebecca Howard, a leading psychotherapist, with over 15 years of experience working in leadership development in the NHS.

Mental health issues are estimated to cost UK employers around £35bn every year, an average of over £1,000 per employee. ShinyMind is a uniquely affordable app based solution that works with retention rates at over 60% after 30 days and c.50% after 90 days – play this out against the market leaders at under 10%, ShinyMind is primed to be the go to solution as we enter a post covid world and look to efficiently and effectively deal with the impending mental health pandemic.

Project Overview

Hello Finch is supporting ShinyMind across brand strategy, tone of voice, marketing communications and commercial channels to ensure ShinyMind becomes a global force for good.

The hugely talented Fall of Man team developed a suite of brand assets and a compelling tone of voice; alongside King, Campbell & Friends who are developing a new website, creative campaign for launch (September 2021) and brand story to bring this hugely exciting mental health and wellness brand to the forefront of Corporates minds.
  • Community based messaging

  • A mindset resource like no other

  • Branded Collateral

  • Branded Guides