The sensitive subject of the morning after pill

ellaOne – Schmick

The sensitive subject of the morning after pill



Project Overview

Schmick was commissioned to create short films and imagery to bring to life the sensitive subject of the morning after pill to help remove the perceived stigma and encourage more women to ask for the product when needed
  • The Challenge

    The morning after pill is well, one of those things people don't talk about... and asking for it if you're a woman is embarrassing for most.

    ellaOne wanted to create a space in the market where women could feel confident in asking for their product at their local chemist... and without embarrassment
  • The Results

    The films have been exceptionally well received - we have repurposed them into 6 different languages and created various cuts for different countries
  • The Solution

    We looked at how best to address this cultural norm, by creating a best friend character for our heroine to be texting as well as use of speech bubbles to describe her thoughts. We cast our heroine and styled a set built to best address the target demographic - it was important that women could relate to our heroine, as if she was their best friend