Introducing Dave the Guard Dog

Panasonic – Team Darwin

Introducing Dave the Guard Dog

In order to bring Panasonic’s smart home products to life, we created Dave, the guard dog with time on his hands…

Project Overview

Panasonic needed a solution to bring their Smart Home monitoring product to life.

    In common with many of the new ‘internet of things’ products, Panasonic's Smart Home has many advantages and applications that either people haven’t thought of yet or can be dry to explain.

    We needed to find a way that consumers would find engaging and memorable and put Panasonic at the heart of the 'Smart Home' trend.

    The project broke response records for Panasonic and they loved the results so much that they commissioned 10 more films!

    So whilst Dave had more time on his hands as a result of Panasonic's 'Smart Home' knowledge he found himself with rather more filming to do!

    We developed a brief designed to breathe life into the product.

    Using our global Team Darwin crowd sourced community of 1,200 creatives in 40 countries globally, we were able to develop for Panasonic significantly more ideas than traditional approaches.

    Coupled with sourcing ideas from our global network, we were also able to present Panasonic with multiple territories, significantly better ideas and with much more choice. Panasonic were able to choose ideas at speed as a result.

    And using our super efficient online production methodology with Trigger, it meant that we produced for Panasonic a series of films, 60% more cost effectively than they'd been used to previously.