Transforming a 160 year old brand…

Moss Bros. Making Men Look Amazing

Transforming a 160 year old brand…

How did Moss Bros. take a 160 year old brand which was well respected but unloved, known to have dressed men for the most important day of their lives for over 8 generations to a bloke stood in his underpants dressing into a suit?

This is the story of how we brought the brand up-to-date & into the prevailing zeitgeist.

Project Overview

From stuffy to sexy – how Moss Bros. was transformed from the brink of oblivion
  • The Challenge

    What Does The Suit Mean To Men?
    From their High School Prom to their Wedding Day, the suit has many emotional connotations. Moss Bros. had however lost that emotional connection

    Known as a Hire business especially for weddings the association with romance should’ve been high

    Yet Moss Bros. were seen as the functional place to hire vs. having any romantic association with the day

    The Peacock Factor

    From Mad Men to the X Factor men have been re-given permission to dress up. Current trends demonstrated the suit was here to stay

    And there was a “Super Hero” effect – whilst women put on their heels to do battle, men were putting on their suit as a coat of armour to seize the day
  • The Results

    So…What Happened?
    - The new store design generated double digit sales growth, outperforming every internal metric
    - A focus on young edgier models created a social media buzz with over 1m hits across the campaigns
    - The business press championed the Same Sex Marriage Campaign – A transformational story for the brand
    - It created an e-commerce platform for growth around the world – trading in over 10 countries
    - Brand perception scores increased by 7% in a year
    - Colleagues were excited to work for the brand again

    From Stuffy to Sexy in 18 months
  • The Solution

    Moss Bros. was in the worst of all worlds
    A classic corridor of uncertainty

    – Did it even exist anymore?

    – Was it still in business?

    – Was it just a hire shop?

    Consumers were aware of the brand but totally indifferent to it. It had no purpose. So we helped them to develop one…

    We make men feel Amazing

    Friendly, Expert, British, Passionate, Trustworthy, Instinctive

    From the ranges we create to the expertise we demonstrate, we ensure every man’s personality comes through in the clothes that they wear

    Expertise, Heritage, Range, Curation and Own Label, Quality, Omni-Channel, Good value

    The Four Quadrants of Amazing: Amazing Products, Amazing People, Amazing Communications, Amazing Service