Taking M&S printed press packs digital

Marks & Spencer – Fishpie

Taking M&S printed press packs digital

Project Overview

The world famous M&S brand had traditionally printed its press pack in a high quality format - Fishpie were asked to covert this into a digital format which retained the luxury feel of the printed version.

  • The Challenge

    M&S had historically printed its press pack, and needed to covert this into a digital format.

    It was key to maintain the quality and luxury finish the previously printed version conveyed whilst increasing usability.
  • The Results

    Due to the success of the project M&S have decided that moving forwards all press packs will now be set up in this format.

    This has saved cost, due to previously high print fees.

    In addition it saved a huge amount of time for the PR team with minimal email requests for product info due to users being able to access this themselves whenever needed.

    The sites have been set-up in Wordpress meaning they can be edited and maintained client side.
  • The Solution

    To kick start the project Fishpie established key functions the site had to feature. Then working with this we visualised the layout and styling to bring it in line with the campaign creative, to create impact and make it as intuitive as possible.

    As the photography was beautiful we focussed on showcasing this with a masonry-style grid that combined lifestyle and product imagery.

    Information was confidential in the early days so a login-wall was added so access was controlled.

    The food and drink department had the first online press pack and based on the success of this a second site was developed for Fashion and then a third for Homeware.

    To accompany the press packs and the PR events running alongside the campaign a series of animated e-invites were generated as a support.