Power in your Pocket!

Joos – Power in your Pocket! – Corr Blimey! | Fall of Man

Power in your Pocket!

Smart phones are integral to modern day life at an ever-increasing rate and low battery is the greatest source of stress for smartphone users, who face a constant battle to maintain sufficient battery to last their day.

Joos is the creation of three young entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to keep people powered up throughout their day during a trip to China. Shared power banks allow users to rent a power bank, charge smartphones on the move & return to any other station.

Across Asia, networks span millions of stations – in 2019 revenue in China alone was £870m with over 290m users.

Joos is the first power bank company outside of China to be vertically integrated – the team have a manufacturing plant in China, and exclusively operate their own charge banks across thousands of UK venues.

With state of the art digital screens, a growing eco-system of venues and customers, Joos is primed to lead the way in charging on the move.

Project Overview

Hello Finch worked with the founders to create the brand name "Joos", the visual identity, creative direction, visual look and feel alongside the social media launch campaign. Providing overarching strategic direction, we also coached the highly talented in house team to create a range of illustrations and graphics to use across their channels.

The brand identity was created by Corr Blimey! And the website and tone of voice by Fall of Man. Hello Finch continue to provide strategic guidance to the in house team.
  • New Identity

  • New illustration style

  • Design and branding of charging stations

  • Simple infographics to explain usage

  • Bold visual design photography for social channels