The Power of Media to Scale

Camden Hells – Electric Glue

The Power of Media to Scale


“At some point every brand that wishes to lead has to be willing to broadcast its fame and reputation.” Sir John Hegarty

Creative collateral design: Forever Beta

Project Overview

Camden Town Brewery approached The Garage/Electric Glue to help accelerate the next stage of their journey. Their 2017 aim was to not just lead craft beer but become ‘the UK’s favourite larger’.
  • The Challenge

    Camden Town Brewery (CTB) was founded in 2010 by Jasper Cuppaidge with (a typical Aussie) vision of making ‘great beer available to all’.

    Riding the 40% year on year growth of the craft beer market, CTB was acquired in 2015 by ABInBev.

    ABInBev had a clear ambition to scale (craft beer in the US had reached 217 by value of the market, whilst the UK remains in single digits).

    This meant not just being bigger but retaining CTB’s reputation (grow awareness by 50%, whilst retaining brand love at a high 80%.) CTB needed to achieve that tricky balancing act of ‘act small, but be big’.
  • The Results

    CTB could not keep up with the demand in Camden and had to limit supplies. CTB had arrived. But most importantly measures of brand love amongst those who had seen the ads had increased. In short, ‘We acted small and felt big!’
  • The Solution

    With this ‘call to scale’ in mind, Electric Glue created a first ever partnership with the ITV Growth Fund (supported by Posterscope). This allowed CTB to build a presence in London with nearly £800k of value achieved for less than half that. CTB ‘could think big’.

    However, with the principle of ‘Act Small’ also in mind, the schedule focused on a ‘craft’ programming. Loved by its audience in particular the return of Cold Feet, ITV’s biggest TV Drama (with a 3.5 million solid reach alone)

    This created a perfect canvas on which to paint the idea -Raise Hells- a hymn to the values of Camden, its people and its beer, Camden Hells.

    The idea was ‘painted’ out in three parts - first on posters as a bar call, then a 2-minute film on Camden itself in the first week of Cold Feet. Followed by four 30 second film portraits of real live Camdenite’s and their invitation to Raise Hells - (played out on the programme breaks across the Cold Feet social audience and the Camden ecosystem.)