About Hello Finch

Hello Finch.Listening Intelligently.

Hello Finch was founded by Jemima Bird in 2013. A strategic brand and marketing consultancy, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, we’ve worked with clients including, The Co-op, Trainline and Moss Bros alongside many other award winning entrepreneurial businesses such as Pinter and ShinyMind.

Our approach is one whereby we use our extensive network of independent agency talent to create a bespoke Hello Finch agency that fits your business needs. As your need changes, then Hello Finch changes – we believe strongly that clients should only pay for the resources they need at the time that they need them.

About Jemima

A 30 year career of working with exciting brands

Over my career I’ve worked with a wide cross section of high street brands, developing their strategies, running their shops and transforming their customers’ experience. I’ve always chosen to work with brilliant independents, unlocking the unsurpassed passion they bring to client briefs. As a result, Hello Finch provides every client with a personalised front door to a wonderful, eclectic team of specialists.

Since founding Hello Finch, I’ve worked with leading high street businesses through early stage start-ups seeking seed financing. Every client is different and it’s why I believe Hello Finch is the answer – your own bespoke team whatever the size of your project or business. Hello Finch works tirelessly to ensure our clients build brands that they are excited about and love.

What we do

Our core proposition

1. Developing your brand

Developing a brand essence for both early-stage businesses and established brands alike. Our ½ day workshop gets to the heart of a brand; we unpack founders and key employee ideas and package up an innovative new way of looking at their brand. We love how excited teams get as they get under the skin of what makes them tick! It’s a much enjoyed approach, and in helping your teams tease out your true business “WHY” you can be sure that the foundations for success are set.

From here, we can help you reimagine your existing or create a new brand identity through the lens of our strategic thinking. Sometimes the smallest tweak can deliver the greatest results.

Alongside this work we develop comprehensive brand guidelines which sit as an active working document and not just a dusty doorstop. This provides the foundation to develop your website and other key brand assets.

2. Defining your customer proposition

Defining a strong customer proposition ensures that your brand can communicate the value and benefits of your offer to your end consumer. Our approach ensures we help you clearly articulate how your company’s offer addresses customer needs, wants, and desires and overcomes any pain points or problems.

We help you to (i) define your unique selling point (USP) – your distinctive advantage that set’s you apart; (ii) the functional and emotional benefits that customers can expect to gain by using your product or service; (iii) define your target market through both desk top and in field research; (iv) outline your competitive advantage – this may include factors such as quality, features, convenience, brand reputation; (v) provide well defined proof points that support the customer proposition which helps you build credibility and trust.

3. Taking your brand to market

Developing winning campaign strategies is at the heart of what every brand wants. Working across all channels from traditional poster sites to fully integrated media including TV and digital, we pull together go to market campaign creative that makes customers sit up and buy.

We have a trusted set of creatives who have worked on some of the world’s biggest accounts, who can turn around fabulous award-winning ideas in days. Importantly we believe it is key to include you in the process so don’t be surprised when you see very early tissue session creative.

What our clients say