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Brands' gateway to the best in independent agency talent

Through Hello Finch, you’ll meet experts I trust and believe in. I’ve worked with some Hello Finch agencies for years, others for decades.

Over 25 years, I’ve learned that indies have to be better, leaner, smarter and more creative to even survive.

And over 25 years, myself and Hello Finch agencies have done some amazing things for the world’s biggest and brightest brands.

We are champions of entrepreneurial talent and support early stage businesses to thrive through smart thinking and a can do approach.

About Jemima

Passion and creativity - Over 25 years of working with exciting brands

I’ve worked with a wide cross section of high street brands, developing their strategies, running their shops and transforming their customers’ experience. Over my career, I’ve always chosen to work with brilliant independents, unlocking the unsurpassed passion they bring to client briefs. Through Hello Finch, I provide every client with a personalised front door to a wonderful, eclectic team of specialists.

I founded Hello Finch with one key aim — to work with fabulous people to build brands that they could feel excited about. My approach is simple, how can we help your business grow? Since founding Hello Finch we've worked with a mix of leading high street businesses to early stage start-ups seeking seed financing and I've loved it. Every client is different and it's why I believe Hello Finch is the answer - your own bespoke team whatever the size of your project or business.

About Hello Finch


Here’s what clients have said about Jemima and the Hello Finch partners, and how the Partners feel about working with Jemima....
  • Working with Jemima and Hello Finch has been a brilliant learning experience. She has understood our vision and bought into our purpose to bring her amazing network together to allow us to develop a category defining brand in our industry that appeals to a variety of diverse stakeholders. Her passion for sport has kept us true to our roots and her eye for detail has elevated our business and accelerated our growth. She has adapted her approach through our journey (from start up to scale up), made sound marketing investments and given us the confidence to trust her to execute so we can have the headspace to focus on our strengths as founders.
    Runish Gudhka, CEO - BatFast
  • Hello Finch are outstanding in getting under the skin of the specific needs of your business. It is far from a formulaic approach but instead combines extensive knowledge with mindful pragmatism to give the right solution. Their objective insight coupled with their first-in-class partners were vital to our success in launching a pioneering new brand which would go on to win many awards on the back of the work they did for us.
    Ralph Broadbent, CEO - Pinter
  • You know you’re in safe, creative hands when you’re working with Jemima as she knows instinctively where to spend what money you have as a start-up to make the biggest impact. She also truly believes in you and has your back so what needs to happen always does. I would 100% recommend Hello Finch to all ambitious new businesses who are looking for effective marketing strategies which don’t break the bank.
    Baz Moffat, CEO - The Well HQ
  • Jemima and her team at Hello Finch have been extremely helpful through the rebirth of Nicholson helping to recommend 2 really fabulous suppliers for us. We have loved Jemima's energy and calm insight throughout what has been an incredibly busy period saving us heaps of time and money on pitches and recruitment. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her and her team wholeheartedly.
    Alex Johns, CEO - Nicholson Gin
  • Hello Finch have been invaluable advising ParkPlay and connecting us with brilliant and cost-effective creative talent to develop our brand and digital presence. From our earliest days they have supported our development, showing a deep understanding the demands of our business, and helping us to navigate a challenging environment for a new business (and now charity). Their guidance and connections have put ParkPlay in a strong position from which to further develop as we grow over the coming years.
    Rick Jenner, CEO - ParkPlay
  • Working with Jemima at Hello Finch is a breath of fresh air, she has boundless energy and an innate knowledge of what will work. She fulfils a priceless role as the conduit between her clients and the myriad of supportive agencies that make up the Hello Finch collective. For our part we are happy to take on a leading role or a supportive one depending upon what is required, but no matter what the role we know that we will have excellent briefs and rigorous/insightful feedback on the creative we produce. Working as part of the Hello Finch network has put us in touch with many leading experts in their respective fields, Jemima working as the alchemist in the middle. Her approach is straight forward, no fluff or ambiguity, if she doesn’t agree with us she let us know why and what needs to change to deliver success for her clients. If you’re looking for maximum impact without the big agency approach, call Hello Finch.
    Michael Longmore, CEO - Corr Blimey!
  • Jemima brings with her a team of experts who really sought to understand our business. Under her guidance, Cor Blimey! created us a new visual identity that had personality and a creative design which translated across channels. Fall of Man helped refine the tone of voice so that we were able to produce groundbreaking industry white papers that got to the heart of why having a fully charged mobile phone is so important to the late night sector.
    Josh Baah, Co-Founder - Joos
  • Working with Jemima is a dream come true. She briefs clearly with razor-sharp insight and brilliant ideas. She values and supports all input and is great fun. Her Hello Finch agency model is the perfect solution for today's clients' needs. Use what you need, don’t pay for what you don’t, and the other collaborators are all top of their game so we work really well together.
    Christian Banfield, Founder, Director & Photographer - Schmick Film & Photography Bureau
  • Hello Finch were a pleasure to work with during our rebrand to Joos. Using Jemima’s expert consultation, combined with two first class agencies from the Hello Finch network, we were able to create a fun and playful brand, appropriate for our audience and capable of scaling across the country and beyond.
    Evan Oliver, Head of Marketing - Joos
  • Jemima and her team were great in guiding us through the development of brand identify. Her ability to listen and interrogate what was important to us and match that to our audience was brilliant. Through Hello Finch network, we were introduced to New Edge Studio who created our visual identity that really captured our brand and bought it to life. Our business is young and evolving so is refreshing to work with an agency that understands us and our budget and is worked resourcefully to help us achieve something unique.
    Alex Wolf, Founder - SOAR
  • Jemima’s fresh thinking and creative approach completely revolutionised our customer proposition, bringing life back to the Co-op’s unique connection with local communities.
    Jo Whitfield, CEO - Co-op Food
  • Jemima’s impact on our food business was immense. Her innovative, ground breaking sponsorship deal with Coronation Street was a fitting legacy.
    Steve Murrells, CEO – Co-op Group
  • We needed an agency with the design smarts to take this challenge and present a refreshed look that resonated across our markets and the increasing expectations of our customers. Studio Blackburn’s solution evokes the simple, hard-wired principle, which drives the business — the relentless commitment to make customers’ journeys smarter.
    Simon Darling, Commercial Director - Trainline
  • Jemima developed a new brand proposition ‘Making Men Feel Amazing’, a new brand identity and creative communication launch. The use of iconic male models and digital media alongside transformational campaigns (Same Sex Marriage) saw over 1m views of the brand online.
    Brian Brick, CEO – Moss Bros.

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